July 28, 2012

A week in Ramadhan!!


I was looking at the calendar today and realised it's already the 7th day of Ramadan!

This calls for a reflection! Pen & paper at hand, spend 10-15 minutes now answering the following questions:

1. How's my Ramadan going so far? (Good? Bad? Ugly?)

2. How's my energy levels during the day/night? When do I feel most 
energetic and when do I feel most tired?

3. How's my daily schedule/daily routine? Is it optimal? Can I change it? Make it better?

4. What's my biggest productivity challenge that I'm facing during Ramadan and how can I practically overcome it?

5. How are my Ramadan Goals coming along? Am I sticking to them? or are they starting to slip?

Abu Productive

* A reminder from productiveramadhan.com. How my ramadhan this yr? Is it more better or more worst?. Ya Rabb, please guide me to a be better person in this ramadhan.

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